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Share your sustainable story
to strengthen your reputation.

Story Fwd focuses on your sustainable, social story. Not the classic "Public Relations," but much rather "Sustainable Relations." Story Fwd helps you focus your sustainable plans and projects, articulate them well, and thus strengthen your reputation.

This is important, because you can't reach people with numbers and facts alone. Telling your story credibly and correctly is the first step to understanding and inspiring others. Next, we make sure your story gets the attention it deserves. 


For this, we have a team of experts in house, ranging from communication strategists, PR experts and marketers to event specialists.

Executing what you say is the basis. But don't forget to also tell the world why you do certain things."

Our 3 principles

No words without actions. Do what you say.

Walk the talk & talk the walk. That's what we believe in 100%. And that's why we help you with both words and lasting deeds.

Not too much blah blah, tell things as they are.

This in no way means that we don't take strategy into account. But keeping things simple & straight forward is our motto.

Be the expert you are...

And you will see, the rest will then follow automatically. Credibility has to be earned. We are going to help you achieve that.

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"As a company, be the catalyst for a sustainable world."

Our approach

In order to tell your story correctly, we need to know what you stand for and what matters to you. We start with an SR scan. In other words, we analyse your "Sustainable Relationship" with the world. We get to know each other in depth and conduct a reasoned analysis about your social, sustainable story. Then we work out a clear strategy and ensure a planned, pragmatic implementation.

We focus on 3 fronts:

  • 1. Earned media
    We make sure your sustainable story gets the attention it deserves with the aim of strengthening your reputation. This succeeds if you are the right expert. With the right story, at the right time. Your credibility, that's what it's all about.
  • 2. Owned media
    Stay the director of your own story. This is best done through your own communication channels (from social media to website and brochures) where you are completely in the cockpit. This involves strong copywriting, but there is so much more you can do to strengthen your reputation via your own communication channels.
  • 3. Paid media
    Through paid media and marketing, you put an amplifier on your content, so to speak. And that can be a strategically smart strategy. For this, we cooperate closely with close partners who firmly support our values and our way of working.

And then: action!



Remarkable campaign for world leader in rice starch production


All eyes on a bus full of compliments


Sustainability in words and deeds for logistics port authority

Our customers are our best reference


* This is a selection of our clients. Of course, we also highly appreciate those not mentioned here.


Stop scrolling and start creating impact!

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